Hier spricht der Erfinder (Nobelpreisträger) des PCR-Tests  

Kary Mullis über seinen PCR-Test

In einem Gespräch zu HIV äusserte sich der Erfinder des PCR-Tests Kary Mullis über die Möglichkeiten und Interpretationen dieses Tests: Damit könne man fast alles finden, denn es gebe nur sehr wenige Moleküle, die man nicht wenigstens ein Mal in seinem Organismus habe. Daher sage der Test eben nicht aus, ob man krank ist und das, was man gefunden hat, wirklich schaden würde.


#PanikBeenden #Selbstdenken

What a great speech by Gen. Michael Flynn...

For the children,
for the people,
for our freedom,
for our health,
for our country...


Die Pandemie ist erst vorbei, wenn es eine Impfung gibt.
Die Pandemie ist erst vorbei, wenn alle Leute geimpft sind.
Die Pandemie ist nie vorbei, wir müssen alle Leute alle 6 Monate impfen.


#corona #impfungforever #lockdownforever

Was könnte helfen, um diese allumfassende Kooperation mit der Lüge aufzubrechen?

Ich denke an regelmäßige Angebote eines Offenen Mikrophons auf lokaler Ebene, nach dem Bürger lokal in Kontakt und Austausch treten um sich eine neue Position und Deutungshoheit zu erarbeiten.

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Ich habe diese allumfassende Kooperation mit der Lüge, mit dem Schwindel satt.

"Erst kürzlich hat die Kanzlerin in ihrer Pressekonferenz gesagt, dass bis zum Sommer ca. 50 % der Bevölkerung geimpft sein werden. Und stellte dann weiterhin fest, „wir müssen dann sehen, welche Rechte bekommen Geimpfte“. Aus meiner Sicht ein ganz falscher Ansatz. Es hätte heißen sollen, “welche Rechte können wir den Nicht-Geimpften weiterhin wegnehmen?“ Grundrechte kann man nicht bekommen, die hat man qua Geburt. Es ist traurig, dass demokratisch gewählte Politiker eine solche Einstellung zu den Grundrechten haben. Hier frage ich mich auch, wie es mit dem Amtseid einer Bundeskanzlerin bestellt ist, welcher die Loyalität zur Verfassung beinhaltet."


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Wer tritt für die Kinder ein?

Monika Gruber wettert gegen die Auflagen in Schulen etc...

Wer erhebt die Stimme für unsere Kinder?

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I obviously do not need to travel to shoot great pictures. Here is a great article that offers proof of that.


Grundrechte sind nur so lange Grundrechte, wie sie jedem zustehen, nur auf Grund des Menschseins.
Spahn will sie gerade abschaffen.

What a brilliant analogy of the coming transformation in our society, and why there is no reason to despair or fear...


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“Women of the World Unite” is the theme song of a whole album inspired by and created for the organic global women’s movement of our time.
Yael’s journey started in 2016 in a march with Palestinian and Israeli women at the lowest place of the earth, joint by Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee, continued in Women’s March in Washington DC., taking further to Brazil, Spain, Italy, France Germany, Africa and many more.
While absorbing the waves of this global women’s movement she wrote more songs about it, going deeper from the political level into a more spiritual and personal level, in search for the true meaning of female emancipation.

This song is a call for women everywhere to unite with each other and embrace our differences, it is the call for us to use our power, unite with who we truly are, and liberate ourselves, through individual and collective healing, to ensure that we, who carry life into this world, protect this world, and all life in it, for generations to come.

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Fascinating info about the ...

"The moon is not rotating as other planets do. It shows the same face to earth all the time. It is an orchestration...
... We will say, the moon does rotate in an artificial way so that the same face always faces earth, so that all kinds of shenanigans can go on on the dark side of the moon."

" is a cover for a secret space program on your planet, that is in constant and unrelenting contact with extraterestrials, trades with them, bargains with them, steals from them, fights them all the time."

"The information you receive about planets and stars and galaxies and the temperature of the space time continuum in which you live, the core of your planet for example, you have all gone to school, and you have learned that the core of your planet is made of molten iron and the rest of it is magma and these kind of things. Completely untrue. Completely untrue. Nothing to do with reality. And yet you would insist that that is true, that is how you have been indoctrinated. That is part of the program to stop you investigating inner earth. Why would you investigate inner earth if it is only molten lava and is going to kill you? Why would you investigate it? It is all designed to keep you from questioning, to keep your minds closed, to keep you convinced that you know the answer to everything."

channeled information, 11/29/2020; through Tina L. Spalding

"The moon is very powerful, and it is not a natural heavenly body. You will notice that all other heavenly bodies rotate, and this is part of the process of their creation, that centrifugal gravitational experience is what has brought those heavenly bodies into being. The moon does not rotate and that is your indicator that it is somehow different. It is employed to affect the energies on earth. So there is this idea that if it is not natural it would not be effecting you. That is a misperception. It is infact a body that was designed to affect earth. Why was it implemented? Well, it was implemented a very very long long time ago. We will say, not millions, but billions of years ago. Life on your planet and life, extraterestrial life has not been around for a hundred thousand years as your archeologists and anthorpologists tell you. There are societies that are billions of years old. There are races of beings that have been interacting with your planet for a very long, and the moon structure itself was implemented to control energies of consciousness. So this is why you see effects on the human population called lunacy where a full moon is causing some kind of insane reaction, a volatile reaction in people. Mental asylums always prepare themselves for full moons."

"What is happening there is a synchronization in the mechanism of the manufactured satellite that the moon is with the light that is reflected from the sun. So you understand that the moon has not any light of its own, but it does have a system of emission we will say that is synchronized with the natural cycles of the sun. So when you see a full moon it means there is no shadow of the earth blocking the light of the sun. It is not like in and of itself. When you have a new moon it means that there is a shadow of the earth between the sun and the moon that is causing the moon to appear to be slim and thin. Of course, it is not. It is still complete. But the artificial emissions that have been set up to affect human consciousnes are synchronized intentionally with those naturally occuring patterns so that you do not question the natural state of that body. But the clue that it is not natural is the fact that it does not rotate. This is a completely aberrant behavior in the natural scheme of things."

"So when you are worried about the moon or concerned about the moon, what we want you to understand is that there is an effect, that there is a pull, there is a draw that it is causing. And you can use any kind of energy for good as long as your purpose is for good. So, if you go out in the full moon and you believe that there is an amplification of energy coming from that body to affect human , then you can employ it to positively effect your consciousness. If you believe that it is negative and that it is harmful to you then that is what you will experience. Remember, what is true for you becomes true for you. So, use the light of the full moon and use the symbols of moon's energy for focal points if you want to. You do not have to, you can be connected to the stars and the sun and the earth without anything to do witht the moon. Infact, its artificial nature does perhaps imply that it should not be included in your worship of the natural universe. But there are lots of things in heaven and earth that you do not understand. We would prefer that you accept that it's there. That it is a consciouness affector and that you can use the amplified energy for good should you choose to."

channeled information, July 19, 2020, through Tina L. Spalding

Krass. In Rom: 10 Millionen Stare. 7 Tonnen Sch... JEDEN Tag. Aber irgendwie auch toll anzusehen. Und doch auch gruselig.


#Rom #hitchcock #dievögel #stare #vögel

Die Natur findet immer einen Weg, und der Versuch, sie einzuhegen und zu beherrschen geht auf unsere Kosten. Das sehen wir auch in diesem Krieg gegen ein Virus.


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