China may have increased exports of electronics and minerals with weapons applications to Russia
Arm Ukraine and stop China/Russia

People from christian majority Uganda are often killed by people from the muslim minority. On the morning of June 23 rd, Christians gathered to plan retaliation, but local officials intervened and called the police to ease tensions. The district police commander, resident district commissioner, and local leaders condemned the killings. According to MSN, this assault was the latest instance of Christians being persecuted in Uganda

Att inte att göra något åt dagens samhällsproblem är exakt detsamma som att acceptera det som sker

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Mette Frederiksen er åbenbart den eneste dansker der bare kan bryde loven, og derefter blive straffri bagefter, fordi hun "ikke kendte til loven". Uvidenhed har aldrig før gjort at en person ikke behøver overholde loven

More and more muslims are converting to Christianity. I am going to be talking to Al Fadi about his journey out of Islam and how he came to be a follower of Christ

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