To all out there especially those that are either only or those that Dualboot to , here is a proposal:
Make a 'challenge' for yourself or together with your friends and switch to on your machine for at least around 6 months.
Why? Since the release of the is in the near future and is pushing Anti-Cheat systems to run on Linux through /#Proton it seems to be a good opportunity to give Linux a try, also it could help giving Linux more momentum and impact and eventually this will also help with the

Feel free to share this or even better make your own or etc about this

@Lamdarer no, i won't taint my free software system with the spyware anticheat is. that shit can stay where it belongs, on the seperate windows hard drive.

@bonifartius This is indeed a serious concern I share with you, however Windows itself is spyware so why not put the anti cheat spyware in a secure and isolated sandbox that is not windows?

@Lamdarer because i just run games with windows and the secure and isolated sandboxes all have had leaks. hell, xen as hypervisor had enough cves ( they are just too complicated technology. anti cheat doesn't work without kernel access (and even then it's probably bs). either you just drop it and have cheaters, or you have to run a blob in kernel space and also have cheaters.

@Lamdarer i comoletely agree that.people should use free software, but just using linux as vehicle to run proprietary stuff is misguided.

@bonifartius I was more referring about having 2 different Linux systems to boot into.
Also this wasnt meant only for ppl playing games with those Anti Cheat systems but more about future Linux gamers in general, no matter the game

@Lamdarer i just don't see the use of running proprietary software on a free system 🤷‍♀️ like i've said, i completely agree that people should use more free software. selling free software to them because it can run closed stuff just seems wrong to me.

@Lamdarer @bonifartius
Setting up a Windows VM with GPU passthrough is another good solution. As long as you have powerful enough hardware for the CPU/RAM overhead to not impact your usage.
@Lamdarer @bonifartius
Well unless the anti cheat solution you want to use refuses to run in a VM, like Valorant's which is basically a rootkit.
@bonifartius @Lamdarer
Basically, though valorant's is one of the most intrusive ones out there. I wouldn't run that shit on any computer I own.

@dushman i long wanted to play with xen and passthrough, but in the end it's more work than just installing windows to a second drive. @Lamdarer

@bonifartius @Lamdarer
True that, it's a bit of a pain in the ass to set up.
@dwaltiz @Lamdarer
Same. I mostly play old SP games which run without any issues under wine. I don't have to deal with all the anti cheat bs lole.
@Lamdarer built a new machine recently to do this.

There's been a few hiccups with drivers and the like, and plenty of games still don't work (fartnut, smellorant) but I think it's been good overall. Great Cyberpunk performance too with no bugs so far (32hrs)

@Lamdarer I'm playing only one game and for Linux it's not exist ):

@marinaniva Last time I tried it ran fine with , have a look at this: is great for all kinds of Games
And if you own it through Steam check out how well it performs using
Depending on your system just a few clicks in Lutris or Steam and you should be good to go!

We play one game (game platform): Roblox.

Tried Grapejuice with the patched Wine according to the install instructions and it works on good days. On other days I boot to Windows to play Roblox.


@Lamdarer More popular games running on steam means Lutris / Steam / Bottles / WINE will be running more. Looking at th Steam Deck list gives me hope. Though some games have already opt'd out like Call of Duty (modern, not the older ones) and Fortnite.

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