To all out there especially those that are either only or those that Dualboot to , here is a proposal:
Make a 'challenge' for yourself or together with your friends and switch to on your machine for at least around 6 months.
Why? Since the release of the is in the near future and is pushing Anti-Cheat systems to run on Linux through /#Proton it seems to be a good opportunity to give Linux a try, also it could help giving Linux more momentum and impact and eventually this will also help with the

Feel free to share this or even better make your own or etc about this

@Lamdarer no, i won't taint my free software system with the spyware anticheat is. that shit can stay where it belongs, on the seperate windows hard drive.

@bonifartius This is indeed a serious concern I share with you, however Windows itself is spyware so why not put the anti cheat spyware in a secure and isolated sandbox that is not windows?

@Lamdarer because i just run games with windows and the secure and isolated sandboxes all have had leaks. hell, xen as hypervisor had enough cves ( they are just too complicated technology. anti cheat doesn't work without kernel access (and even then it's probably bs). either you just drop it and have cheaters, or you have to run a blob in kernel space and also have cheaters.

@Lamdarer i comoletely agree that.people should use free software, but just using linux as vehicle to run proprietary stuff is misguided.

@bonifartius I was more referring about having 2 different Linux systems to boot into.
Also this wasnt meant only for ppl playing games with those Anti Cheat systems but more about future Linux gamers in general, no matter the game

@Lamdarer i just don't see the use of running proprietary software on a free system 🤷‍♀️ like i've said, i completely agree that people should use more free software. selling free software to them because it can run closed stuff just seems wrong to me.

@bonifartius @Lamdarer most games are proprietary software.

One can argue that freedom is not binary and being able to use an free/libre OS and as much free/libre software as possible is better than not doing so.
e. g. running Adobe Photoshop on Pop!OS might be cooler than running it on MS Windows

@saxnot my problem is more that i don't know what the proprietary programs are doing. i don't want to run something which isn't verifiable on the system all my private data is on. might as well just use a garbage install of windows. @Lamdarer

@Lamdarer @bonifartius
Setting up a Windows VM with GPU passthrough is another good solution. As long as you have powerful enough hardware for the CPU/RAM overhead to not impact your usage.
@Lamdarer @bonifartius
Well unless the anti cheat solution you want to use refuses to run in a VM, like Valorant's which is basically a rootkit.
@bonifartius @Lamdarer
Basically, though valorant's is one of the most intrusive ones out there. I wouldn't run that shit on any computer I own.

@dushman i long wanted to play with xen and passthrough, but in the end it's more work than just installing windows to a second drive. @Lamdarer

@bonifartius @Lamdarer
True that, it's a bit of a pain in the ass to set up.
@dushman @bonifartius @Lamdarer too bad GPU passthrough on consumer cards is extremely inconsistent
@sapphire @bonifartius @Lamdarer
It's more reliable on AMD cards from my experience at least.
@sapphire @Lamdarer @bonifartius
I have an RX 580 and was able to set it up successfully at one point
@sapphire @bonifartius @Lamdarer
Duak Vega 64? That's a beastly setup right there. What do you use it for?
@dushman @bonifartius @Lamdarer I was originally going to split out my current machine into two so my ex had something to game on. lost the girl, sold the second card, and now its just my ridiculously overdone personal machine running bare metal windows 10
@sapphire @bonifartius @Lamdarer
Dual CPU as well? Damn, I couldn't even afford something like that lmao.
@dushman @bonifartius @Lamdarer sure you can! Do what I did: pick up a side job working for an e-waste recycling company and hoard things for employee purchase
@dushman @bonifartius @Lamdarer I probably grubbed close to ten grand worth of electronics in great condition from that job, more than I got paid for absolute sure. Both my colo and my home server came from them, my PC, a macbook I sold for 700 more than I paid for it, etc etc
@dushman @Lamdarer @bonifartius the R530 (with 256GB RAM) I have the second 2690v3 and the extra 128GB it'll take to fill it out, but I'm unwilling to pay for a new PSU to make them run without erroring out. Likewise for my PC I could max the RAM at 512GB but I don't even fill the 256 with OS caching so I chose slightly faster speeds
@sapphire @bonifartius @Lamdarer
I have 16GB of RAM and I very rarely max it out. I don't even use any swap at all.
@sapphire @Lamdarer @bonifartius
It's lightning fast though, it's B die running at 3800mhz with 15 CL latency.
@dushman @bonifartius @Lamdarer sadly they don't make 32GB registered ECC DIMMs that fast as far as I know
@sapphire @bonifartius @Lamdarer
I mean my RAM is heavily overclocked, these are not the default settings lmao.
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@Lamdarer @bonifartius @sapphire
Alongside that I have an r5 3600 running at 4.35 ghz and an rx 580 8gb running at 1400 mhz core and 2100 mhz mem
@Lamdarer @bonifartius @sapphire
If anything this is slightly overkill for what I do lmao. At least I get short compile times though.
@dushman @bonifartius @Lamdarer Windows at least will start offloading files from the OS into RAM until it runs out of RAM.

I couldn't go back to anything less than 64, I can feel the crawl on my work laptop with 16
@sapphire @bonifartius @Lamdarer
16 works well on Linux for me. My setup only uses 700mb at idle.
@dushman @bonifartius @Lamdarer this is just firefox on a fairly recent reboot, it'll push that cached number into the 100s or more if I boot games etc
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@sapphire @Lamdarer @bonifartius
Windows 10 has horrendous idle RAM usage out of the box. 2.5 GB with literally nothing extra installed is a joke.
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@sapphire @Lamdarer @bonifartius
If I ever need more, I can always buy another pair of identical sticks.
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@sapphire @bonifartius @Lamdarer
Which edition of win 10 are you using? I dalily Artix Linux on my machine.
@dushman @bonifartius @Lamdarer its the "fuck if I know I just installed it" version from my favorite torrent, I reinstall once every 2-3 months and keep all my games etc off the system drive. My laptop runs artix, I greatly enjoy it
@sapphire @bonifartius @Lamdarer
I was using a legit ISO that I cracked after installation. I had win 10 pro n installed alongside Linux a while ago.
@dushman @bonifartius @Lamdarer I've had the same copy of kmspico for years that has never failed me

@bonifartius @Lamdarer i don't understand why anticheat is not implemented solely server-sided. It makes zero sense to make the client run some obscure software, perhaps even inside kernel space, when package spoofing is an extremely trivial, software-undetectable method which is cheap and common for hackers to do. So basically... it's worthless effort just put the energy in server side validation (which you gotta do anyway so might as well fuzz the hell out of it).
Anticheat makes no sense

@bonifartius let me rephrase that:
PERHAPS it makes sense for some reason I am not aware of. Hopefully someone knows a reason and can tell me

@Lamdarer 6 months? I've been gaming on Linux for years now lol
@dwaltiz @Lamdarer
Same. I mostly play old SP games which run without any issues under wine. I don't have to deal with all the anti cheat bs lole.

@Lamdarer Unfortunately it's not that simple, there is not only Steam.

Epic Game Store is quite popular know and running it on Linux is a huge pain. As for GOG games, there is no launcher so people would have to manually load their saves and think to store them back if using windows (or making backups) because there will be no cloud save.

Most MMO with their own launcher (EVE online for example won't work at all) may have issues.

The switch may be easy if you use only Steam though.

@solene @Lamdarer GOG Galaxy, after login, offers the backup of your games save files

@loosy @solene @Lamdarer Additionally, though I haven't done this for a while - there was a method (some shell scripts) which would allow you to download the required items from gog, then unpack them without wine - thus allowing you to get your assets for scummvm / dosbox without actually needing wine or the gog galaxy thing (which still doesn't have a client.)

- ok, I checked now, and it has evolved into lgogdownloader, which is essentially a frontend for linux for gog.

There is also which is entirely usable via the web, though they have an optional client for linux (unsure if it runs on BSD's but I'd imagine it probably does or doesn't need much to change it to work.)

- of course, the older games and so on likely aren't the things we need to test heavily, as those already have heavy testing - more the windows-only things (which quite frankly I don't like much)

@Truck @loosy @Lamdarer Lutris can automate GOG, EGS (partially, it's a start) or other providers (ROMS, Steam etc..) but the result is very random depending how the game is made for Linux if native, how it works on Wine if not native.

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